Novel BIM - BIM services in Boston, Massachusetts

Novel BIM is a well-known certified company with branches all over the U.S., including one in Boston, that offers a wide range of BIM services to different industries and sectors. We provide BIM modeling, MEP coordination, Revit family creation, rendering services, and scan-to-BIM services that are advantageous to architects, construction managers and contractors, structural and MEP engineers, product manufacturers, furniture designers, fabricators, and laser scanning companies.
At Novel BIM, we take pride in providing accurate and detailed BIM models that adhere to the required LOD (100-500) for the architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. A clash-free BIM model created by our MEP Coordination reduces design errors and speeds up the building process. Additionally, we are experts in developing and maintaining precise parametric Revit Families from detailed CAD drawings.
Novel BIM specializes in providing coordinated 3D BIM models that are clash-free, resolving conflicts between disciplines like MEP Systems, Architectural, and Structural, and resulting in minimal changes to MEP design.
We are able to produce excellent results thanks to our professional team in 2D and 3D software tools, including Revit Architecture, Navisworks, and 3ds Max. For more information, please check out our website:

BIM stream - BIM services in Boston, Massachusetts

BIMstream is a well-known Massachusetts-based company that specializes in comprehensive BIM services, including aerial engineering, building scanning, and 3D modeling. Their proficiency in producing Digital Twins is one of their most important services. BIMstream employs cutting-edge technology and a skilled team of architects and engineers to model vast areas encompassing tens of millions of square feet.

They create incredibly realistic and comprehensive digital twins using point cloud data and 360° photogrammetry obtained from project scans. Their streamlined workflow, refined over years of expertise, guarantees a smooth and effortless procedure. They carefully take into account clients' templates, standards, and requirements. Their team's simultaneous collaboration on a cloud-based platform increases coordination and effectiveness even more. Their BIM-related services include:
•     BIM (Specializing in complex buildings and above-ceiling capture and modeling)
•     Reality mesh/model
•     Photorealistic 3D models
•     VR assets
•     3D-printed models

In summary, BIMstream excels at creating and hosting Digital Twins and is a top BIM service provider in Boston, Massachusetts. They are a go-to choice for clients looking for top-tier BIM service providers for their projects. Please go to their website for more information:

Via Technik - BIM services in Boston, Massachusetts
VIATechnik, with branches across the country, including one in Boston, is a pioneer in digital transformation in the AEC sector. Their goal is to create a bridge between the analog and digital worlds, enabling efficient design. They utilize the power of digital twin technology to build simulations that precisely forecast the performance of products and processes using data from the actual world.
Their extensive services include VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) consulting, prefabrication, and digital construction management, which covers various aspects of the industry. They are experts in providing BIM (Building Information Modeling) services and consultancy, as well as developing software for computational BIM, generative design, and VR/AR applications. Please visit their website here:

ECI Technologies - BIM services in Springfield, Massachusetts

ECI Technologies is a pioneer in offering top-notch BIM services to earthwork contractors, and it is headquartered in Massachusetts. They specialize in producing incredibly accurate and effective 3D models, which are crucial tools for planning, bidding, and executing earthwork construction projects. By estimating materials and expenses with unmatched accuracy using their 3D models, clients gain a competitive edge, optimize equipment efficiency, and improve their bottom line.
With a team of engineers with a deep background in the construction industry, ECI is equipped with the necessary experience and skills to manage even the most complex data, guaranteeing that projects are properly modeled and finished on time.
ECI offers CAD services in addition to their exceptional 3D modeling services to ensure accuracy at every stage of a project. Their secure linking technology provides CAD files that flawlessly integrate with GPS systems, ensuring accuracy and on-point grading from takeoffs during bidding to linework and models during project execution.
ECI takes pride in their consistent commitment to accuracy and precision, which results in cost-effective design and better site team efficiency. They enable their clients to finish more projects on schedule and within budget by streamlining projects and providing quick, accurate information. For more information, please visit:

Boston Best Construction - BIM services in Boston, Massachusetts

With a track record of over ten years, Boston Best Construction is a top Massachusetts-based provider of outstanding BIM services. Their skilled team is prepared to manage a variety of building projects, from small renovations to large-scale new builds, consistently delivering excellence in the endeavour.
Client satisfaction is Boston Best Construction's top priority. To ensure a seamless project execution, they take the time for meticulous pre-construction planning, carefully balancing financial and efficiency considerations. Their all-inclusive services allow clients to relax, assuring that their projects are in good hands because they cover all aspects, from technical design to operational execution and financial management.
They also specialize in Building Information Modeling (BIM), a cutting-edge technology that allows them to digitally depict the physical and functional aspects of any construction project in the form of a 3D model. This cutting-edge method simplifies project coordination and visualization, enabling more efficient construction workflows.
They take pride in the flawless cooperation between their engineers, architects, and a select group of professional contractors, as they are one of the industry's first providers of construction services. You can choose Boston Best Construction for your construction projects and let them bring your dreams to life. Please visit their website:


BIM services - BIM services in Massachusetts

BIM services group specializes in building information modeling (BIM) services for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies, a globally well-known company with headquarters in Massachusetts. Their state-of-the-art solutions will address issues related to coordination and communication, providing smooth project execution throughout the construction industry.
Their extensive BIM services include 3D modeling, clash coordination, shop drawings, as-built documentation, spools, bill of materials (BOM), conversion of laser scans to BIM, 3D Max rendering, drafting services, project BIM coordination, virtual reality integration, and structural modeling. By utilizing the full potential of BIM technologies, they enable their clients to create projects that are better constructed while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to excellence.
Making the construction industry smarter rather than harder is their most important goal. They facilitate the construction process and guarantee the best project outcomes for their clients by utilizing the power of BIM technologies. You can check out their website here: